Thursday, 7 April 2016

2 NEW RELEASES - Koufar & Stark

Two new tapes are out today.

Koufar- Z3eem - SOLD OUT

STARK - re-issue of debut tape

The first edition of this tape was released in Purge Electronics in an edition of 13 copies so Black Psychosis is proud to re-release this tape in a larger edition.

There is a normal edition and art edition for this tape, each in an edition of 50. The tapes are professionally dubbed, white shell tapes with printed labels and professionally printed doubled sided colour covers.

The art edition is sold out.


New tapes from Der Bunker (Zyklon SS, Final Solution/Trucido) and new Bizarre Uproar/Pogrom tape from F&V/Terror. I will be getting copies of the 5 new F&V CDs (plus some restocks of sold out releases) at some point this month. Also getting copies of the two new tapes from Australian label Fanatacism.