Monday, 22 October 2018

New Black Psychosis tapes out now! And LOADS of distro updates! Wonderland Club sold out

Black Psychosis new releases - AVAILABLE NOW


BLACK12- Disgusting Sanctum - S/T - £6

Re-issue of the superb first tape from this artist. Pro-dubbed tape with colour j-card. 



BLACK14- Maskhead - Object of Humiliation - normal £6 + art edition £9

New tape from this Finnish project. Art edition limited to 42 copies. Larger version of tape cover on cardboard wrapped in duct tape and lots of layers of glue. Envelope with tape and inserts stuck to the back.

BLACK15- Brutalomania - Excitación Anatómica En Alta Resolución £6

New tape from Spanish noise artist, was released for very small London gig but now properly available. Hand made j-cards with insert. Limited to 50 copies.

JAPANESE CUSTOMERS - please visit Neds, package is on it's way to them. They will be stocking exclusive Japanese editions of the Maskhead, Wonderland Club and Disgusting Sanctum tapes. Only available from them. Hopefully will continue to make Japanese editions for them for future batches.



BIZARRE UPROAR "Verikiima" CD - 2018 brand new album. In amazing gatefold digipack " Sexy digipack for you and for her ". Front cover may be plain but photo inside is something to be seen. Superb album, Bizarre Uproar continues slowly changing their style. Highly recommended. £11

BIZARRE UPROAR "Viha&Kiima" 2xCD - " To celebrate the 8th year of V&K. Extended versions. In it`s  full glory. True manifestation of hate and lust. 6-panel brick like digipack." - £14

CHAINS OF DEATH COMMAND "Swine Cult-Complete Studio Recordings" CD
Barbarian Scum Rock they say. Go figure. Not for the weak. Card sleeve w/booklet  £9

Siberian madness! Crude and nasty basement Power Electronics. Card sleeve w/booklet. - £9



GRUNT "Castrate The Illusionist" CD - £9

GAS CHAMBER RENAISSANCE "Craniotomy of Reign" CD - £9

SADIO "Questionable Pleasures" CD  - £9

DEATHKEY / 88MM split CD - £9

CONTORTUS "Your Weakness feeds my cruelty" CD - £9

CON-DOM "War And Ordnance" tape -£6

SADIO "Questionable Pleasures" tape -£6

CHARITY SAINTS "s/t" tape - £6

CONTORTUS "Violence In Heat" tape - £6

ENCEPHALOPHONIC "Hurtcore" tape - £6

DAVID FREMANN : AV PROJECT -8 zines bundle - Project of Fremann going through AV items with obsessive treatment of transforming video to text. Each issue is 20-24 pages in A5 format. Featured, one per zine:An Tsujimoto, Anna Shirota, Kurea Hasumi, Masami Ichikawa, Miki Sunohjara, Saryu Usui, Yui Hatano, Yuri Narusawa.
(Institute Of Paraphilia Studies) ONE COPY FOUND!
- £35


Skin Graft - Cancerous 4-cassette Box - " Angry harsh noise, crackling ambiance, industrial clatter, and cold electronic decay are woven together into a bleak indictment of the post-industrial wastelands of middle America. " 4 hours of noise! - £22

Form Hunter - Form Hunter Cassette - " The debut release from Form Hunter, a duo that comprises S. Aune (Breaking the Will, Kjostad) and W. Czerkies (Sunken Cheek, Goddaughter) " - £6

Wolf Creek - State Of Exception Cassette - " The most exciting young noise duo in Japan, Wolf Creek manages to capture the unbridled intensity and fearlessness of the now-legendary groups that made Japanoise famous. " - £6

Juhyo - Thought Reform Cassette - " Eluding easy genre categorization, Juhyo conjures dense clouds of noise, sometimes minimal, sometimes crushing. They are one of only a handful of artists that manage to combine the mechanical and the organic with such ease." - £6

Force Neurotic 

MISSING UNTITLED C43 - " Final installment of the tape music/sound collage cassette trilogy from Missing - this time, sans tape, sans processing. Edition of 50" - £6

- Missing BOOK (Amphetamine Sulphate) - " Josh Peterson is an American writer, and this true crime novella examines the seedy underbelly of contemporary culture on the skids. Stapled booklet. 52 pages. 8.5 x 5.5 in " - £8


Stress Orphan/Deterge - Split C15 -" Short but powerful offering between these two." £6

Mania/Deterge - Garrulous Opinion C30 - " Second pressing of the collaboration tape that originally came with the special edition of the Mania/Deterge split LP." - £6

Heretic Grail - Gleaming Spite C44 - " Second recorded full length (the first will be released later this year by the mighty Breathing Problem Productions) from this new mysterious power electronics outfit. Heavily influenced by the likes of Genocide Organ and Grey Wolves. Cold and dimly lit black metal vibe throughout " Great new artist - look out for tape on Black Psychosis in next batch soon. - £6

Heretic Grail - Heavy Dishonourment C10 - " Short, individually seperate offering from the full lenght. Heavier industrial sound with this. In opposition with treason" - £6