Friday, 23 August 2019

Citalopram Shunyata CD in stock!

Citalopram Shunyata - Vanilla Bloodshame CD (Obsessive Fundamental Realism & Gutter Disease) First full-length album of the Scatmother side-project dedicated to murky, textured and harsh , rumbling Noise. Comes in white bag with insert, CD in slimeline case. - £10

Distro news-

Will be getting these things soon - Natural Orthodoxy/Straight Panic split tape, from Freak Animal - Mania, Vile Vulgar, Magnetic Tape Mouth Gag tapes, few copies of Mo*Te 4xCD box, and Wrath releases of Bizarre Uproar 4xtape box and Carved Cross tapes are in production and almost ready. Will send a newsletter out when everything is in stock and ready.