Monday, 9 October 2017

HUGE F&V UPDATE! - 5 new CDs + 2 new LPs

In stock now -


BLACK STATE - Hlose - First proper album from this group now on vinyl (F&V)- £18 - NEW 
SNUFF - III - Third album from this brutal Finnish group now on vinyl (F&V)- £18 - NEW


BIZARRE UPROAR "High Risk Lifestyle" - Brand new album 2017 (F&V)- £9.99 - NEW 
SCATMOTHER - Vaniticism - Brand new album from the German PE artist (F&V)- £9.99 - NEW 
SICK SEED - Power Play - Brand new album from the always superb Finnish group (F&V)- £9.99 - NEW 
TONGUE KISS HEMATOMA - TONGUE KISS HEMATOMA - New anonymous PE group (F&V)- £9.99 - NEW 
VERNICHTUNG DURCH ARBEIT - Hungertod - Brand new album from this anonymous group (F&V) - £9.99 - NEW

Saturday, 29 July 2017

4 new F&V CDs out now!

BIZARRE UPROAR / GELSOMINA- '2007-2008' 2xCD - This release compiles these two artists collaborations from the Freak Animal CD 'Assisted Self-Sterilization' and the long sold out 2xtape on F&V 'Älä Tee Huorin' - £15 - NEW

VALKOINEN KOHINA - White Noise v/a CD (F&V) - re-issue of the LP on Urashima which contains exclusive tracks from Silence of Vacuum, Snuff, Sick Seed, Unclean, Chloroform Rapist and Edge of Decay  £9- NEW

BLACK STATE - Hlose CD (F&V) - first proper album from these artists. LP version coming later in the year. £9- NEW

AUNT MARY- -Sessions of Extreme Nihilism CD (F&V) - newly found old recordings 
- where Bizarre Uproar started!  £9- NEW

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Lots of new 2nd Hand items added

A lot of new 2nd hand items have been added to the bottom of the shop page.

Monday, 12 June 2017

XE - 7inch back in stock!

I have more copies of this back in stock now -

XE - The White Will 7inch (F&V)  - NEW

Saturday, 3 June 2017

New 7inch

In stock now -

BRUTALOMANIA / BASTARD NOISE - Un Deconstructo Corto, Feo Y Violento / Desperate Actions Against The Violence Upon And Systematic Murder Of Animals 7 INCH (Skull Records/R.O.N.F. Records) - £7 - NEW

Tuesday, 30 May 2017


Lots of new things.

F&V / WRATH - PLEASE NOTE- these three items below don't ship until 1st June!

Any interested distributors for the BU 2xLP or the  Vernichtung Durch Arbeit 7inch or other in stock Wrath releases please get in touch, I am handling distribution for this label.

BIZARRE UPROAR - Sikiöasento 2xLP Gatefold - 2017 album in beautiful gloss cover (F&V, Wrath) - £25 - NEW
VERNICHTUNG DURCH ARBEIT - Totenfotze 7INCH (F&V, Wrath) - £7- NEW
VERNICHTUNG DURCH ARBEIT - Totenfotze 7INCH special edition with DVDr in black bag with booklet and inserts (F&V, Wrath) - £12 - NEW

Quite a lot of sold out F&V tapes - most are only one copy. Please check shop page before ordering, I will try and update as quickly as possible. So possibly the tape you want might be sold out if they go quickly.

BIZARRE UPROAR - Likainen Ehtoollinen - re-issue version (F&V) - £6- NEW- last copy
XE - S/T - re-issue of first tape (F&V) - £6- NEW- last copy
XE - Live 15/12/2012 Night And Fog Over Finlandia  (F&V) - £6- NEW - last copy

Freak Animal / IOPS

HAL HUTCHINSON - Industrial Development (Freak Animal) - £6 - NEW 
PUCE MARY - The Great Panic (Freak Animal) - £6- NEW
PUCE MARY - Ultimate Hypocrisy (Freak Animal) - £6- NEW

Next Black Psychosis tapes are slightly delayed due to normal work.

Monday, 8 May 2017


New items in stock -


MODERN - Final (FORCE NEUROTIC) C10 tape in soft poly case with insert (limited to 25 copies) - £6 
NEUROTIC FORCE - The Sexual Male (FORCE NEUROTIC) C45 tape in soft poly case with insert (limited to 25 copies) - £6


MASKHEAD - Captured Obsessions (Wrath) Tape/DVDr - tape and DVDr in black bag with 12 page booklet, poster and insert (limited to 75 copies) - £10 
MASKHEAD - Captured Obsessions (Wrath) Tape/DVDr/VHS - tape, DVDr and VHS in two black bags with 12 page booklet, poster and insert (limited to 25 copies) - £13 
XE - Aseveljeys  VHS PAL (Wrath) - VHS edition in black bag with 12 page booklet, poster and insert - Limited to 30 copies - £6 

Tapes from Freak Animal will be arriving soon. Also will be getting copies of the next F&V  7inchs as well as quite a few long out of print tapes. Will send newsletter when these are out.