Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Big F&V restock - 7inchs & CDs

Restock -


AXNAAR - Crawling Misery (Colour print, F&V version) - £6
BLACK STATE - Offensive Weapon - £5
CONCRETE MASCARA - Relic of Vanity - £5
XE - The White Will - £7


BIZARRE UPROAR - Perverse Bizarre Humiliation (F&V)
CALIGULA031 - Slavetrade2000 - comes with booklet (F&V)
RED SCUM - V/A (Bizarre Uproar, Pogrom, XE) (F&V)
RITUAL VIOLENCE - S/T (Collab between BU, Ride for Revenge and Below) (F&V)
SCATMOTHER - Purulent Sublimity (F&V)
SCATMOTHER - Flowers of Maltreatment (F&V) 
SNUFF - I - 2nd CD edition of this classic album (F&V)
SSRI - Schwarze Sonne Ritual Invocation (F&V)
UNCLEAN - Syntiinlankeemus (F&V)
VERNICHTUNG DURCH ARBEIT - S/T - 1st album from this anonymous group (F&V)
XE - SS Division Wiking...  (F&V)
XE - Victory (F&V)

Will be getting all the new F&V CDs and 10INCH when they are out next month, along with new releases from Wrath and Der Bunker.

Friday, 23 February 2018

Filth and Violence - new LPs in stock!

2 new LPs from Filth and Violence out now.

BIZARRE UPROAR - High Risk Lifestyle LP Gatefold - second album for 2017 in beautiful gloss gatefold cover (F&V) - £18 - NEW 

VERNICHTUNG DURCH ARBEIT - Hungertod LP - second album from this anonymous group in beautiful gloss cover. Comes with double sided lyric sheet (F&V) - £18 - NEW

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Re-stock of Wealth of Abuse new tapes

Re-stock now -

BLACK STATE - Hlose tape version (Wealth of Abuse) - first proper album from these artists.  £6 NEW
MENACING '84 - Strike Fear (Wealth of Abuse) - £6 - RESTOCK
PRUSSIAN WALLS - Sadist Kampf (Wealth of Abuse) - £6 - RESTOCK

Thursday, 23 November 2017

New tape from NATURAL ORTHODOXY in stock (previously known as UVB-76)

NATURAL ORTHODOXY - Red Geraniums/Black Gashes (Vanity Pill) UK Power Electronics - NEW

Also re-stock of UVB-76 tape from Wealth of Abuse label which Natural Orthodoxy was previously known as.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

New tapes in stock from Bacteria Field

In stock now -

CONTAGIOUS ORGASM - A Lot Of Time To Repeat The Climax (Bacteria Field) - £6 - NEW
DIAGRAM: A -  (Red-Com)  (Bacteria Field) - £6 - NEW
IUGULA-THOR - Live At XII Congresso Post Industriale 30.09.2016  (Bacteria Field) - £6 - NEW

Sunday, 12 November 2017

New tape from Broken Britain Cassettes in stock!

RAVENMASTER - In Memoriam (Broken Britain Cassettes) comes with plastic poppy and download card £4 NEW

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Nokuit tape from NKT label in stock now

New tape in stock from NKT

NOKUIT - Patterns of Instability (NKT) includes download code - £6.49 - NEW

The next tape from Broken Britain Cassettes will be available to purchase on 11th November which is Ravenmaster In Memoriam which comes with Poppy Appeal poppy and download code.