Friday, 31 August 2018

Away in September

Out of office from 4th - 18th September. Any orders placed during this time will be answered and dealt with in order. Apologies in advance if this means the item you would like has sold out by the time I reply.

Label work has been a bit slow this year but when I get back there are lots of things to sort out with this label and other labels I do work for.

Hopefully I can send a newsletter with the three next tape releases soon.

There are also the new batch of F&V CDs which are in production, no release date yet but will be in the next couple of months I think.

I won't be stocking the Final Solution tape 'Half Dead' re-issue, please contact Der Bunker when it's releases - 11th September.

Monday, 16 July 2018

Worth - Blood Possessed CDr in stock now

In stock -

WORTH - Blood Possessed (Prose Nagge) 36 minutes of superb harsh noise, pro-printed CDr - £8.50

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

F&V CDs back in stock

SICK SEED - The Great Corruptor - re-issue of this classic album with colour cover artwork (F&V) - £9
SNUFF - IV - Brand new album, back to the harshness of their first album - £10 - NEW
XE - 18 (F&V) Brand new 2018 album, 2 long tracks £10- RESTOCK

Monday, 30 April 2018

New F&V titles + Freak Animal CDs and tape in stock

New releases available now! 



BIZARRE UPROAR - Rape Africa 2018 edition - re-issue with new artwork and brand new secret live track - £10
PRUSSIAN WALLS - Sadist Kampf - CD version of the two Prussian Walls tapes - £10
SNUFF - IV - Brand new album, back to the harshness of their first album - £10
SSRI - Ritual Workings - Compilation of two recent tapes - £10
VIHANMIEHET - S/T - new album from project - Läjä Äijälä + Markkula - £10


ROTAT - Grease District - Brand new album - £9
BEYOND - Various Artists - Bizarre Uproar, Grunt, Deathkey, Caligula031 - CD reissue of sold out LP - £9


SEX NOISE - Various Artists (Staalwaart Records)- new compilation including Sick Seed, Scatmother, Edge of Decay- £9

Saturday, 7 April 2018


In stock now -

Der Bunker

ZSS - Live in Finland 2016  CD - re-issue of sold tape of the first ZSS gig in Finland - £10 - NEW
ZSS - Spectacle of the Triumph CD - brand new album of live recording in Finland 2017 - £10 - NEW


BLACK STATE - Sex and Heroin - DVDr - video of the track from their latest album. Comes in black bag with 8 page booklet, A4 poster and A5 insert. Ltd 50 copies - £6 - NEW
SCATMOTHER - Vaniticism - DVDr - 3 videos from tracks from their latest album. Comes in black bag with 7 page booklet, A4 poster and A5 insert. Ltd 50 copies - £6 - NEW

Tordon Ljud

GRAUSTICH - Morality Ends LP - First LP album for this project - £15  - NEW

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Big F&V restock - 7inchs & CDs

Restock -


AXNAAR - Crawling Misery (Colour print, F&V version) - £6
BLACK STATE - Offensive Weapon - £5
CONCRETE MASCARA - Relic of Vanity - £5
XE - The White Will - £7


BIZARRE UPROAR - Perverse Bizarre Humiliation (F&V)
CALIGULA031 - Slavetrade2000 - comes with booklet (F&V)
RED SCUM - V/A (Bizarre Uproar, Pogrom, XE) (F&V)
RITUAL VIOLENCE - S/T (Collab between BU, Ride for Revenge and Below) (F&V)
SCATMOTHER - Purulent Sublimity (F&V)
SCATMOTHER - Flowers of Maltreatment (F&V) 
SNUFF - I - 2nd CD edition of this classic album (F&V)
SSRI - Schwarze Sonne Ritual Invocation (F&V)
UNCLEAN - Syntiinlankeemus (F&V)
VERNICHTUNG DURCH ARBEIT - S/T - 1st album from this anonymous group (F&V)
XE - SS Division Wiking...  (F&V)
XE - Victory (F&V)

Will be getting all the new F&V CDs and 10INCH when they are out next month, along with new releases from Wrath and Der Bunker.

Friday, 23 February 2018

Filth and Violence - new LPs in stock!

2 new LPs from Filth and Violence out now.

BIZARRE UPROAR - High Risk Lifestyle LP Gatefold - second album for 2017 in beautiful gloss gatefold cover (F&V) - £18 - NEW 

VERNICHTUNG DURCH ARBEIT - Hungertod LP - second album from this anonymous group in beautiful gloss cover. Comes with double sided lyric sheet (F&V) - £18 - NEW