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BLACK16- Bagman - Men Who Solicit Sex - £6 SAMPLE
BLACK17- Citalopram Shunyata - School Girl Reports - £6 SAMPLE


TAPES £5 (unless noted otherwise)

AMEK-MAJ - Impi (Freak Animal) - new tape 2020 - £7

CHARITY SAINTS "s/t" (Freak Animal) - £6

CITIZEN 2-13 - Threshold Fluctuations (Fusty Cunt) USA Noise - £3

CLAY FIGURE / HALF MILE DOWN - Atavists' Apprentices (Untergeschoss)

CONTORTUS "Violence In Heat" (Freak Animal) - £6 

HAL HUTCHINSON - Self titled (Der Bunker) - C30 tape of defective sounding tape loops. Very rough and rotten in parts. Comes in thick recycled card stock J cards that have the 'HH' and Der Bunker logo ink stamped on, and are all fire damaged & degraded to varying degrees. Sound is similar to 'Blood & Flame' era NON or early Murder Corporation. £6 - NEW

FECAL FETAL - Lopun Ajat (40 tracks EP) (Against Audio) - £4

FINAL SOLUTION - This Way: II  tape (Der Bunker) - part two in this ongoing series of unreleased live recordings. Rough and raw documents of two more live gigs.  £7

FINAL SOLUTION – This Way: III (C90) (Der Bunker) - Live tape series continues. £7 - NEW

FINAL SOLUTION –This Way: IV (C60) (Der Bunker) - Live tape series continues. £7  - NEW

FINAL SOLUTION – This Way: V (C60) (Der Bunker) - Live tape series continues. £7  - NEW

JUHYO - Thought Reform Cassette - " Eluding easy genre categorization, Juhyo conjures dense clouds of noise, sometimes minimal, sometimes crushing. They are one of only a handful of artists that manage to combine the mechanical and the organic with such ease."(New Forces) - £6

JUNTA – 4 Eye A.M. Dis Appearing (Freak Animal)  £6  - NEW

KOVANA - Fluids of Chimera (Freak Animal) - £7

KOVANA / CIRCLE OF SHIT - split tape (Freak Animal) - £6 - NEW

LUSTERS - Rock Music (Freak Animal) - great new noise project - £7

MAGNETIC TAPE MOUTH GAG - s/t TAPE (Institute Of Paraphilia Studies) harsh noise feel and tasty overblown magnetic tape saturation. £6 

MANIA - All Aftermath (Freak Animal) £7 

MOOZHEAD - Beyond Faith (Freak Animal) - new tape 2020 - £7 
ORDER OF THE VIOLENCE / N. ...Of Flesh / Mind's Jokes N.02
 (Nil By Mouth) - £5 

PASTORAL ABUSE / INNERE FRONT - split C30 (Abreakt.) - £6  

PUCE MARY – The Great Panic (Freak Animal)  £6  - RESTOCK

PSYCHOMANIA – compilation (Der Bunker) - exclusive tracks from ZSS, Mania, Skin Crime, Bizarre Uproar and Coma Detox  £6  - RESTOCK

RAVENMASTER - In Memoriam (Broken Britain Cassettes) £4

RL:ZZ - Fragments (Phage Tapes) (screen printed arigato pack) - last copy

SADIO - Copycat Killer (Freak Animal) - £7

Straight Panic / Natural Orthodoxy split TAPE (Phage Tapes) - £6   LAST COPY

Various Artists - Manifestation of Turmoil - Compilation tape featuring Tyhja Paa, Ahola & Silander, Edge of Decay and Yana (Freak Animal) - £7 

VASSBOTN - Besøk Fra Italia (Terror) 

VIDINE RAMYBE - Aukštas Aukštesnis Aukščiausias (Terror)

VILE VULGAR - Private Art TAPE (Institute Of Paraphilia Studies) Smelly, hairy, slimy, sweaty, perhaps technically coarse, yet appearing more real than contemporary computer enhanced materials. £6 
VIRGIN ENTRAILS – S/T (TAPE) – first tape from this new US project – heavy electronics and piercing feedback - £6

YANA - Chorea Midst (Freak Animal) - new tape 2020 - £7

YANA - Fat Carpet (Freak Animal) - £6 - NEW

XE – Hail and glory to XE (Wrath) - collection of rare recordings, including very first track from Argot Bruit compilation  £6  - RESTOCK

ZSS – Boys Will Be Boys (Wrath) - Live tape. Side A re-issue of tape on Viva Angel Press. B Side unreleased raw recording of 1st ZSS Live Aktion in London 2016. Xeroxed j-card with small insert £6  - NEW


AXNAAR - Crawling Misery (Colour print, F&V version) - £5 
BRUTALOMANIA / BASTARD NOISE - Un Deconstructo Corto, Feo Y Violento / Desperate Actions Against The Violence Upon And Systematic Murder Of Animals (Skull Records/R.O.N.F. Records) - £5 

CONCRETE MASCARA - Relic of Vanity - £5  LAST COPY

SICK SEED - Man and Machine (Turgid Animal) £5  LAST COPY

SICKNESS/JOHN WIESE - Amnesia (Freak Animal) £6  LAST COPY

SILENT ABUSE - Epäsikiö / Narttu (baseborn) £6   -RESTOCK


XE - The White Will (F&V) - £6  -RESTOCK


Ekthelion – Moonrealms LP (ASRAR) Gloomy and melodic Dungeon Synth from Greece. Lim. 100 hand-numbered copies, 180g 12” LP. - £19

BIZARRE UPROAR   "Verikiima" LP (F&V) comes with insert - £16 - last copy

BIZARRE UPROAR  - Sikiöasento 2xLP Gatefold - 2017 album in beautiful gloss cover (F&V, Wrath) - £16

BIZARRE UPROAR  - Cunt Animal LP Gatefold - brand new 2022 album (Freak Animal) - £21 -NEW

HANDFUL OF HATE ‎– Qliphothic Supremacy (ASRAR) - £17

MENTAL ABORTION/RIPPERS & DIDDLERS LP - noisecore and grindcore madness. (Breathing Problem Productions) there are minor dents to the corners of the cover, nothing major, this is how it arrived from the label - £15

PESTDEMON - Helvetesljuset  LP (Unrest Productions) £6

SMELL & QUIM – Cunty Bubbles (LP) - 40 odd minutes of new material venturing into unknown realms of absurdity, sex and folklore, yet still have the cohesion of the classic S&Q sound. - £17 

WALPURGISNACHT - Die Derwaert Gaen En Keeren Niet (ASRAR) - £18

WHITE MEDAL - Lyke Wake - 2016 album, UK black metal (Legion Blotan) £11

ZSS - Anti Personnel Explosive Device 2xLP (ASRAR) - gatefold sleeve with new artwork and bonus track - £25 

CDs £9 (unless noted otherwise)

ANTICHILDLEAGUE - Holy Ghost (Hagshadow) CDs come wrapped in pages from a religious newsletter  - £7
AUNT MARY- -Sessions of Extreme Nihilism CD (F&V) - newly found old recordings - where Bizarre Uproar started! 

AXNAAR - Collected Filth 2013-2015 (F&V) - compilation of black noise tapes    - £8

BIZARRE UPROAR  - Cunt Animal - brand new 2022 album in gloss digipack (Freak Animal) - £10 -NEW

BIZARRE UPROAR - Dekadenz - 2016 brand new album (F&V) 

BIZARRE UPROAR - Fifteen Years Of "Filth & Violence" - Metal (F&V) - reissue of 2008 boxed set - part 4 
BIZARRE UPROAR - Hardcore 3xCD +DVD- amazing compilation with new material and 4 videos on proper DVD (F&V) - £22

BIZARRE UPROAR "High Risk Lifestyle" - Brand new album 2017 (F&V)

BIZARRE UPROAR - Indoctrination of Fist and Cock (F&V) CD version of the superb new album 2019. 6 panel gatefold digi-pack - £10

BIZARRE UPROAR - Mass/FF - re-release of old tapes (F&V, Industrial Recollections

BIZARRE UPROAR - Melting Pot of Cultures  (Freak Animal) 2020 album. Comes with free large poster   £10 -RESTOCK

BIZARRE UPROAR - Perverse Bizarre Humiliation (F&V)

BIZARRE UPROAR - Rape Africa 2018 edition (F&V) re-issue with new artwork and brand new secret live track

BIZARRE UPROAR - Sikiöasento 2xCD- 2017 album! (F&V) - £12 

BIZARRE UPROAR - Vihameditaatio - 2014 album (F&V)

BIZARRE UPROAR / GELSOMINA- '2007-2008' 2xCD - This release compiles these two artists collaborations from the Freak Animal CD 'Assisted Self-Sterilization' and the long sold out 2xtape on F&V 'Älä Tee Huorin' - £12

BIZARRE UPROAR / RIDE FOR REVENGE- Collaboration between these two artists - £9 -RESTOCK

BEYOND - Various Artists (Freak Animal) Bizarre Uproar, Grunt, Deathkey, Caligula031 - CD reissue of sold out LP

BLACK STATE - Hlose CD (F&V) - first proper album from these artists. LP version coming later in the year. 
BREAKING THE WILL - Chossing Death (Terror) LAST COPY

CITALOPRAM SHUNYATA- Vanilla Bloodshame CD (Obsessive Fundamental Realism & Gutter Disease) First full-length album of the Scatmother side-project dedicated to murky, textured and harsh , rumbling Noise. Comes in white bag with insert, CD in slimeline case. 

CHAINS OF DEATH COMMAND "Swine Cult-Complete Studio Recordings" CD Barbarian Scum Rock they say. Go figure. Not for the weak. Card sleeve w/booklet

CLINIC OF TORTURE - Rope Suspension (Freak Animal) 2016 album   £10 -RESTOCK

CLINIC OF TORTURE  - Whip and Pierce/ Perversion Bizarre (Freak Animal) re-issue of great 2nd album which also includes tracks from 3" CD release.   £10 -RESTOCK

CLINIC OF TORTURE  - S/T (Industrial Recollections) re-issue of great 1st album  £10 -RESTOCK

"Your Weakness feeds my cruelty" (Freak Animal)

CONTORTUS "Reality Is Hidden For A Reason" (Freak Animal) £10 -NEW

CONTROL Algolagnia (Freak Animal) new re-issue £10 -NEW

CONTROL World of Lies (Freak Animal) new re-issue £10 -NEW

DEATHKEY - Hammer of Aryan Terror (Freak Animal) Re-issue   LAST COPY

DEATHKEY - Totenkopf (Freak Animal) Re-issue   LAST COPY

DECONDITION - Not Even The Universe Remains (Freak Animal) two long electronics drone pieces. Icy cold and sharp. £10 -NEW

ENCEPHALOPHONIC - Surgical Mods (Freak Animal)  £10 -RESTOCK

FINAL SOLUTION - "Mass Death" CD (Der Bunker) - 1st and only studio album from this legendary group. Thought to be lost these recordings from the 90s have been remastered. £10

FLOODED CHURCH OF ASMODEUS – Piss Soaked Church of the Wrong 

GRUNT "Castrate The Illusionist" (Freak Animal) 

GRUNT "Terror & Degeneration" (Freak Animal) £10 -RESTOCK

GAS CHAMBER RENAISSANCE "Craniotomy of Reign" (Freak Animal)

HAL HUTCHINSON - Cold Industrial Experience (Freak Animal) - superb new album £10  

HUMAN LARVAE Pure Sex (Freak Animal) Brand new album £10 -NEW

HYMENAL OPENING - Red Hymen CD (F&V) - New album of harsh noise and samples from artist behind Bacteria Field label  LAST COPY

IN SEARCH OF DEATH - III (Death Continues Records)

K2 - Concerto Grosso: Hate Piano (Untergeschoss) - £4

KRISTIAN OLSSON - Ligranorex (Freak Animal) - Dark ritualistic post mortem works from Kristian Olsson (Alfarmania / Survival Unit) 

KOVANA - Club Catharsis (Freak Animal) Brand new album - £10 - NEW

LASSE MARHAUG / MAJA S. K. RATKJE ‎– Music For Gardening (Pica Disk) - £4

MASKHEAD - Pray for Pain CD (F&V) - brand new album - comes in card sleeve with 4-page booklet
MAZAKON TACTICS - The Entrancing Cage (Terror)  LAST COPY

MENACING '84 – Hail '84 (F&V)

MXM - - Flesh Biting Paedophile (Industrial Recollections) -  £10   - RESTOCK

NIHILIST COMMANDO - - Noisecore Violations 2002-2008 (Freak Animal) -  £10   - RESTOCK

ORGANOID Bitsevsky Maniac - West Siberian crime electronics 

OTTIS IN THE WOODS – S/T – anonymous serial killer themed album

PRAYING FOR OBLIVION - 0rdinalzahl / 0 (Obscurex) - £7 

RITUAL VIOLENCE - S/T (Collaboration between BU, Ride for Revenge and Below) (F&V) LAST COPY

ROTAT - Grease District (Freak Animal) Brand new album -  LAST COPY

SADIO - Sophisticated Methods of Torture (Freak Animal) - First album from the Finnish PE group, highly recommended!   - RESTOCK 

SICK SEED - The Great Corruptor - re-issue of this classic album with colour cover artwork (F&V)   -RESTOCK

SICK SEED- Technological Singularity MCD (F&V, Untergeschoss) - £5

SNUFF - II (re-release of 2nd LP on CD) (F&V, Untergeschoss)

SNUFF - IV - Brand new album, back to the harshness of their first album - 

SNUFF - Anonymous/Male Supremacy/Dresden - Re-issue of 7", LP comp track and unreleased live recording (F&V)

SNUFF - Kristiina (re-release of untitled 2xCASS boxed set) (F&V, Untergeschoss)

SNUFF - Live - live album of previously released live tape + Lahti gig on IOPS DVD (F&V) LAST COPY

SSRI– Schwarze Sonne Ritual Invocation – one of their best albums 

SSRI- Ritual Workings (F&V) Compilation of two recent tapes 

STRIATIONS - Keepsakes (Freak Animal) Cd version of LP 


VARIOUS ARTISTS - Terässinfonia Vol. 1 (Freak Animal) Compilation of Finnish artists including Umpio, Unclean and Edge of Decay 

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Terässinfonia Vol. 2 (Freak Animal) Compilation of Finnish artists including Ahola & Silander, Maskhead and Circle of Shit 

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Terässinfonia Vol. 3 (Freak Animal) Compilation of Finnish artists including Will Over Matter, Moozzhead and Mogao £10  

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Terässinfonia Vol. 4 (Freak Animal) Compilation of Finnish artists including The New Boyfriends, Bizarre Uproar  £10 - RESTOCK 

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Suomi Finland Noisecore (Lolita Slavinder Records) Compilation of Finnish noisecore including Nihilist Commando, Aunt Mary  £10 - RESTOCK 

VARIOUS ARTISTS - BREATHING WOUNDS (no label) Great compilation featuring Bizarre Uproar, ZSS, Alfarmania, Young Hustlers, Grunt   £10 - NEW

VALKOINEN KOHINA - White Noise v/a CD (F&V) - re-issue of the LP on Urashima which contains exclusive tracks from Silence of Vacuum, Snuff, Sick Seed, Unclean, Chloroform Rapist and Edge of Decay 
VERNICHTUNG DURCH ARBEIT - S/T (F&V) 1st album from this anonymous group (F&V)   LAST COPY

VIHANMIEHET - S/T (F&V) new album from project - Läjä Äijälä + Markkula 

WILL OVER MATTER - Aviation Hypnosis  (Freak Animal) - £10 - RESTOCK

XE - 18 (F&V) Brand new 2018 album, 2 long tracks  - RESTOCK

XE - Black Hole (F&V) 2016 album, 6 tracks of mininal noisy hatred. (F&V)

XE - Past Atrocities 2xCD (F&V, WRATH) - re-issue of WP and Vala tapes with 12 page booklet. Normal edition - £12

XE - Purity Through Fire - Superb album from 2014. Elements of military percussion, more song based album. (F&V)  - RESTOCK
XE - Rarities Volume 1 (F&V) Collected tracks from 7inchs and a rehearsal session.  - RESTOCK

XE - S/T - Re-issue of the very first XE tape. Though one track from the tape has been replaced with the 7inch version of Raise your right arm (F&V)

ZSS - Live in Finland 2016 CD (Der Bunker) - re-issue of sold tape of the first ZSS gig in Finland

ZSS - Spectacle of the Triumph CD (Der Bunker) - brand new album of live recording in Finland 2017 

ZSS - Anti-Personnel Explosive Device (Freak Animal/F&V) - £8

ZSS - Iron Division (Freak Animal/F&V) - £8

ZSS - Racial Superiority  (Freak Animal) - £10 - RESTOCK


ANDREW COLTRANE - Urge To Kill (Cérebro Morto) - £2.50

HATE SERMON - Duality Of Man (Suspicious Activity) comes with A5 12 page zine  - £8 - NEW




TROUBLED SLEEP #3 - (Narcolepsia) 112 pages offset printed zine. Interviews with The Haters, Untergeschoss label, Kiddiepunk, Kakerlak, Developer, Down and Out. £7 

DAVID FREMANN : AV PROJECT -8 zines bundle - Project of Fremann going through AV items with obsessive treatment of transforming video to text. Each issue is 20-24 pages in A5 format. Featured, one per zine:An Tsujimoto, Anna Shirota, Kurea Hasumi, Masami Ichikawa, Miki Sunohjara, Saryu Usui, Yui Hatano, Yuri Narusawa. (Institute Of Paraphilia Studies) ONE COPY FOUND! - £35

JOSH PETERSON - Missing BOOK (Amphetamine Sulphate) - " Josh Peterson is an American writer, and this true crime novella examines the seedy underbelly of contemporary culture on the skids. Stapled booklet. 52 pages. 8.5 x 5.5 in " - £8 - last copy!


BIZARRE UPROAR – Skull logo T-shirt - Black - size Medium - Bizarre Uproar skull logo on front (large print) and text on back printed in black  - £12

BIZARRE UPROAR - Perverse Bizarre Humiliation t-shirt. Black print on front, text on back. White, size Medium.  - £12

BIZARRE UPROAR - Dekadenz t-shirt. White print on front, White print on back. Black, size Medium.  - £12

BIZARRE UPROAR - Fat White Male Pig vest. White print on front, text on back. Black Vest, size Medium.  - £10

BIZARRE UPROAR - Fat White Male Pig vest. Black print on front, text on back. White Vest, size Medium.  - £10

BIZARRE UPROAR - Large Logo vest. Black print on front. Red Vest, size Medium.  - £10

BIZARRE UPROAR - Shite Nazarene t-shirt. Black print on front, text on back. Red, size Medium.  - £12

BLACK STATE - Offensive Weapon t-shirt. White print and text on front, text on back. Black, size Medium.  - £10

CONCRETE MASCARA - Your Flesh. Light blue print and text on front. Black, size Medium.  - £10

FILTH & VIOLENCE - UK Division t-shirt. White print and text on front. Black, size Medium.  - £10

STREICHER - Tactical Electronics t-shirt. White and red print and text on front, text on back. Black, size Small.  - £10

XE - White Power t-shirt. White print on front. From 2009. Black, size Small.  - £30

XE - Victory t-shirt. White print on front. From 2009. Black, size Small.  - £30


ĀTESH – Ey Doshman Ar To Sang-e Khāreyi Man Āhanam - cassette version - sealed (New Era Productions) MINT - £15

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